Learning to be “drunken always”

I have the worst headache. I’m recovering from one of my first weekends of being 21, and that’s especially important for me because I just had my first drink. You read that right: I — hand to God — didn’t have an alcoholic beverage until my 21st birthday. After 20 years of waiting, and probably several cumulative hours explaining myself to people, I had my first beer at midnight on my birthday with my dad at Dana’s almost two weeks ago. I accomplished the seemingly impossible: I waited to drink any alcohol until I was 21 years old, surviving two … Continue reading Learning to be “drunken always”

Side-by-Side: Michael Walters

The Side-by-Side is a bi-semester pair of columns. Two students receive the same potentially divisive question and don’t get to see what the other has written before it is published. This week’s question: The goal of a career in college is undoubtedly tied to one piece of paper: the degree that certifies the student. In this context, what impact should the humanities have on students, if any? By: Michael Walters Class. Eat. Study. Sleep. Find time for friends. This is the basic schematic that most of us as college students live by. Our lives become so hectic that we resent … Continue reading Side-by-Side: Michael Walters