Gifts and challenges of a Jesuit education

Cornfields. More and more cornfields. I weaved in and out of lanes as I passed semi-truck after semi-truck at 2 in the morning on 1-71 towards Cincinnati, Ohio. The spring of 2010. The last col¬lege visit of far too many. A young kid from the Washington, D.C., suburbs making the eight-hour trek with his father to check out the last college on the list: Xavier University. My dad — and faith¬ful co-pilot — was snoring like a hibernating bear by my side as we pulled into our hotel at 3 in the morning. The next morning we woke up bright … Continue reading Gifts and challenges of a Jesuit education

Xavier’s “March Gladness”

In the latest of its marketing campaigns, the Xavier Alumni Office launched “a 48 hour social media and giving blitz called ‘March Gladness.’” The design of the campaign was to spur “a record number of gifts to Xavier” in a two-day window, March 10 – 12. “March Gladness” also involved emails to the student body asking for both student support in advertising the campaign on social media as well as financial gifts from students. The final tally showed that 587 people gave to March Gladness, including 45 students who gave to Xavier Athletics and more students who directed their gifts … Continue reading Xavier’s “March Gladness”

The path to spring through the eyes of a college student in the midwest

By: Hollis Conners ~Features Editor~ The weather has been teasing the Xavier Community for the past few weeks. Spring is tricky, and as long as these weather patterns persist, we can easily determine that Mother Nature doesn’t care about us and will keep switching the weather up for the remainder of the month. Phase 1 Just to add to the growing disappointment, there comes a week of temperatures ranging from something comfortable for artic penguins to zero. The students walking around campus don’t even look like people. They look like blobs from all of their layers and hunching over to … Continue reading The path to spring through the eyes of a college student in the midwest