Advice: ‘Gotta catch ’em all’ Why Ash knew how to love

By: Abrena Rowe ~Copy Editor~ Be slow. Be patient. Dating is an especially tricky game for our generation. It seems that if anyone makes a wrong move or takes a step too quickly, or too slowly, the relationship dies faster than it started. Dating is similar to the end of Pokémon. How? Think back to the end of the game, after you’ve beaten the Elite Four, and your only task is to capture the Legendary Pokémon. The trick is to weaken it, so when you throw your pokéball at it you’ll be able to capture it. The point is to get … Continue reading Advice: ‘Gotta catch ’em all’ Why Ash knew how to love

Advice: Be the fisherman

By: Sara Ringenbach People say in dating, men are the fishermen and women are the fish. Well, I am no fish, and ladies, you don’t have to live your life being pre-sushi either. People say that if women are more dominant in dating, they will usurp the conventional masculine role which will create a rift in the biological genome that has dictated evolutionary mating methods over millennia. However, if biotechnology can advance enough to 3D print organs and perform face transplants, I think a girl can make the first move without wiping the future of our species into extinction. Yes, … Continue reading Advice: Be the fisherman

Speed dating featured at Week of Welcome

By: Jenny Mendoza In the spirit of Week of Welcome, both Gentlemen Organized For Achievement and Leadership (G.O.A.L.) and Ladies with Emphasis on Achievement and Distinction (L.E.A.D.) hosted a speed dating event. Speed dating is exactly what it sounds like: a one to two minute opportunity to meet someone new at Xavier. The event, which was featured for Xavier’s Week of Welcome, was open to anyone who wanted to come out and make a new acquaintance, and not necessarily for the purpose of making love connections. Speed dating took place at 6 p.m. on Sunday, Sept. 1 in the Gallagher … Continue reading Speed dating featured at Week of Welcome