S.O.S. to the GOP

By: Jonathan S. Hogue ~Opinions & Editorial Editor~ What the hell is wrong with the GOP? After the 2012 loss to President Obama, Republican leaders convened to discuss ways the party could modernize its message in the next battle for the White House. Leaders agreed that the party would need to reform taxation and improve its outreach with minorities. President Obama won in large part due to his campaign’s outreach to minorities. Romney and the Republicans believed in a Reagan version of America: more white, more conservative and more Christian. What Republicans in 2012 and today still do not get … Continue reading S.O.S. to the GOP

Democratic Party: Be more democratic

In a speech given to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) in Minneapolis in August, former Maryland Governor and Democratic presidential candidate Martin O’Malley attacked the party leadership for designing a “rigged” primary process. O’Malley’s criticism was specifically levied at the small number of debates the DNC announced it would allow, even going so far as to accuse the party of doing little more than facilitating Hillary Clinton’s “coronation.” From an outsider’s perspective, O’Malley’s point makes a lot of sense. The Democratic presidential field is surprisingly small, especially given that the incumbent is ineligible for reelection, the Republicans have more than … Continue reading Democratic Party: Be more democratic

Ed Fitzgerald: a scandal mishandled Ohio Democratic Party can’t afford its mistakes

Ed Fitzgerald, the Democratic candidate in the 2014 Ohio gubernatorial race, did not, in fact, have sexual relations with that woman. He really didn’t. However, from the moment the press discovered that he had been found in the car in a parking lot with a woman who was not his wife, he would prove the bane of the Ohio Democratic Party. When he won the Democratic primary, it appeared that Ed Fitzgerald would cause Republican incumbent John Kasich to fight for the 2014 Ohio gubernatorial election. When word got out at the beginning of August that in 2012 police had … Continue reading Ed Fitzgerald: a scandal mishandled Ohio Democratic Party can’t afford its mistakes