A Year in Review: XU Student Involvement

By: Erica Lampert ~Staff Writer~ Xavier’s Office of Student Involvement has been busy this year as several new clubs were formed, several new activities were proposed and several new students came to make their mark. This year various clubs on campus had large numbers of students involved in their major activities and events. Well-known clubs and groups such as Student Activities Council (SAC) as well as clubs such as Home-X, seemed to have components that sparked mass student involvement. “African American Association has had a banner year this year, with strong attendance at events along with a very strong presence on … Continue reading A Year in Review: XU Student Involvement

What does SGA do?

By: Luke Byerly & Llama ~Socrates Wannabes~ In a brilliant effort to benefit the Xavier community, SGA has come up with the groundbreaking Initiative Four, which aims to improve the Xavier experience. This initiative contains no known proposals for actual changes and is estimated to cost $19.2 trillion, which may slightly raise t uition. Many students, however, are concerned about the changes that may or may not be happening. “These changes will possibly impact everybody, in ways which I literally cannot describe! We demand answers from whomever is involved in this initiative, and we will not quit until we get them! … Continue reading What does SGA do?