Contemporary Arts Center announces free admission

By: Emily Linginfelter ~Staff Writer~ Cincinnati’s Contemporary Arts Center (CAC) recently announced a three-year plan for free admission called the “Love Gift.” The museum titled the “Love Gift,” since the starting date is Feb. 12, just before Valentine’s Day weekend. The upcoming change is possible through donations of $75,000 from the nonprofit grant-making Johnson Foundation and $150,000 from a newly established circle of philanthropists who call themselves “The 50.” The contemporary culture enthusiasts are 25-45 years old and also regularly donate their expertise. Raphaela Platow, director of the CAC and charter member of “The 50,” said the institution worked on … Continue reading Contemporary Arts Center announces free admission

Barbie’s commercialized inclusivity

By: Emily Linginfelter ~Staff Columnist~ This past week brought a new wave of media content and advertisements that focus on the recurring topic of beauty inclusion. The New York advertising agency Badger & Winter produced the viral #WomenNotObjects campaign and promised never to sexually objectify women in their content again. In the same breath, Mattel — an international toy manufacturing company — announced a new product line of “body relatable” Barbie dolls designed with four body types, seven skin tones, 22 eye colors and 24 hair textures. I applaud the media for taking the risks to change business practices in … Continue reading Barbie’s commercialized inclusivity