$15 Dollar Minimum Wage?

This past week fast food workers protested for an increase of America’s minimum wage to $15 an hour. On April 15, USNews.com reported that airport workers, home care workers, Walmart workers and adjunct professors also joined the protests. Protests have been planned for over 230 U.S. cities and college campuses in what organizers have called “the biggest ever mobilization of workers in the U.S.” America is a country that suffers from a growing wealth gap. In 2014 The Pew Research Center reported that the average median net worth of white households is $141,900, while the average median net worth of … Continue reading $15 Dollar Minimum Wage?

Living Frugally

By: Hollis Conners ~Features Editor~ If there is one thing many college students are constantly thinking about, it’s money: how much they need to pay rent, how much debt they are drowning in and how much they shouldn’t have spent at the bar last weekend. Every cent counts, so here are a few tips and tricks to save up some extra cash and live frugally. General Well Thought Out Advice 1. Ask for student discounts: They are everywhere— Cinemark in Oakley, stores in the Kenwood Mall like JCrew and Madewell and Buffalo Wild Wings are just a few examples. 2. … Continue reading Living Frugally