The Coen Brothers are a ‘celebrated pair’

By: Grant Vance ~Managing Editor~ A charming cowboy established as a western action star, jumping over branches and trees in order to take out some bad guys with his pistols, walks onto the set of what has been identified as a suit and tie dancing film, “Merrily We Dance.” After clumsily opening the oversized doors and stumbling into the scene, he takes his seat awkwardly on the couch and mumbles his line in an inaudible western accent. “Would that it were so simple,” Ralph Fiennes’ pretentious director instructs, prompting an exchange with no syntactical resolution. The idea of a western … Continue reading The Coen Brothers are a ‘celebrated pair’

Say Anything drops unannounced LP

By: Grant Vance ~Managing Editor~ Progressive punk collective Say Anything surprised fans last week by dropping their unannounced sixth studio LP, “I Don’t Think It Is.” The group, centered on the artistic sensibilities of front man Max Bemis, never settle on a particular sound, but gradually grow more and more progressive with each new album. They push the limits to a new level with their newest entry. Following “Hebrews,” Bemis’ guitar-less coming-of-age experiment addressing the trials and tribulations of fatherhood, “I Don’t Think It Is” continues to move the group in a new direction without compromising the unique factors that … Continue reading Say Anything drops unannounced LP