Valentine’s proves valuable for all

Couples conquer Valentine’s by: Will Pembroke, multimedia show manager For those of you reading who find yourself in the “taken” category or that awkward “talking” stage (P.S. just ask them out!) this Feb. 14, listen up.  There are a few key ingredients that go into making what I’d call the perfect date. You may be wondering why you should take my advice.  After being in a relationship for over three years, I can say that I’ve had my fair share of relationship holidates, and trust me, you don’t want to f*ck up Valentine’s Day. To all my heterosexual couples out … Continue reading Valentine’s proves valuable for all

Popular app prompts bidding war

written BY: GUS NATIONS IV, guest writer As if 2020 needed more strife, the talk of the social media town lately has been whether President Trump will ban the popular app TikTok. After allegations surfaced of the Chinese-based app skewing COVID-19-related information during the surge of the virus in the United States, along with allegations of data farming users, President Trump quickly jumped on the idea of completely banning the app across the U.S. This prospect sent the social media community into a virtual tizzy with popular creators lobbying for the app to remain accessible to those in the United … Continue reading Popular app prompts bidding war

Black is King is art before music

written by: Gus Nations IV Beyoncé’s most recent album gained a different look as she took to Disney to provide her fans with new music in the form of a visual album. Little needs to be said about the quality of a Disney production.  Visually the album was stunning, with rich colors and extravagant outfits; Beyoncé provides a show to accompany the solid music we have  come to expect from her after so many years.  While some songs seemed slightly underproduced and reliant on visuals to tell the story, the music is the least important aspect of the album (yes, … Continue reading Black is King is art before music