Lil Uzi Vert’s Eternal Atake takes world by storm

Symere Woods, professionally known as Lil Uzi Vert, has finally released his long awaited album Eternal Atake. The album, as advertised, is out of this world. It seems as though Uzi has put the last two and a half years to good use and spent the time devising a project to blow the doors off the worldwide music community. As a longtime fan of Uzi, the album does not disappoint. The artist’s ability to combine infectious melodies with catchy lyrics makes for a project that is entertaining from start to finish. Eternal Atake, from the starting gun, is an album … Continue reading Lil Uzi Vert’s Eternal Atake takes world by storm

Edit your wardrobe to avoid these faux pas

Welcome to What Not To Wear by Charlie and Gus, two guys who pride themselves on wearing what other people tell them not to wear. Should you listen to us? Only as much as we listen to everyone who tells us our clothes are ugly. And remember, every time you look in the mirror to think to yourself “if anyone can pull this off, it’s me.” Don’t Wear: Clothes from Rival Colleges. We get it, you have to rep the school for whatever reason but come on, enough of the UC and NKU shirts on campus. Instead wear: Clothes from … Continue reading Edit your wardrobe to avoid these faux pas

Art shines at stellar thesis show

On Friday, Feb. 14, three senior art majors hosted their theses in Cohen Center. Sheridan Davenport, Daniel Zalla and Mitch Tapia presented the culmination of their four years as art majors in three engaging and stimulating presentations. The focus of the thesis was for the three of them to gain exposure and present their theses, and to allow the students to create their own piece with minimal instruction from their professors. Not only were the three required to create several complicated works of art, but they were required to complete a paper detailing the project and how it relates to … Continue reading Art shines at stellar thesis show