‘Hamlet’ triumphs with daring acting

By: Hannah Paige Michels ~Head Photo Editor~ Having never seen Shakespeare performed live, I was unsure what to expect from Xavier Theatre’s rendition of Hamlet. But, as per usual, I was impressed with the atmosphere, talent and design of another Xavier show. Katie Mitchell as Hamlet was, in a word, magnetic. The genderswapping choice may seem like novelty, but it only added dimension to the show as Mitchell effortlessly embodied her character. Mitchell’s delivery was wellexecuted and all the more impressive given the difficulty of the source material. She carried herself with the charm and confidence of a seasoned veteran, … Continue reading ‘Hamlet’ triumphs with daring acting

Preview: XU ‘Hamlet’ jousts with gender

By: Riley Head ~Staff Writer~ Xavier Theatre is tackling Shakespeare’s classic tragedy, Hamlet and features a unique twist on the timeless story: Hamlet is played by a girl. The show is co-directed by Craig Wesley Divino and Kathleen Wise, who are both professional directors and actors based in New York City. The two will also perform the roles of King Claudius, the antagonist, and Queen Gertrude, Hamlet’s mother. Divino was the original director of the project and wanted to approach it as a collaboration among everyone in the cast. “Kathleen and I are creating an environment where the students feel … Continue reading Preview: XU ‘Hamlet’ jousts with gender