The Year in Plays

Photo courtesy of Mikki Schaffner | Left to right: Hannah Shepherd, Katie Mitchell, and Cassie Delicath performing a scene from Slut Shaming.

Guest writer Kelsey Kraft ranks Xavier Theatre’s five best plays of the 2016-2017 school year.

5. The Complete Works of William Shakespeare

The three-person parody of Shakespeare was incredibly entertaining. There were laughs throughout the show, but it lacked a more serious and lasting message compared to other shows.

4. The Aliens

The dark coming-of-age play was uncomfortable in the best way. It challenged the audience to consider a new perspective on adolescence and adulthood and featured comedic relief to keep the show from becoming too heavy.

3. Into the Woods

This musical was extremely entertaining and had the perfect mix of comedy and tragedy to keep the plot moving along throughout the long performance.

2. Hamlet

In a creative take on the show, the two leads, Hamlet and Horatio, were played by women. Katie Mitchell and Gigi Relic, along with the rest of the cast and crew, delivered a clear and relatable performance of the Shakespeare classic.

1. Slut Shaming 

This moving play details a girl’s time-warped account of her rape. Hannah Sheppard, Katie Mitchell and Cassie Delicath left the audience stunned with a message they wouldn’t forget. In addition, Xavier Theatre provided a discussion afterward with Title IX Officer Kate Lawson to help the audience process the show.

By: Kelsey Kraft ~Guest Writer~