By: Hana Priscu ~Feature Editor~ Many upperclassmen opt to move into the neighborhoods that surround Xavier after the constraint of living on campus for one or two years. Students tend to settle in the streets of Norwood, sharing the neighborhood with families and other local residents. However, the interaction between them has been bumpy over the years. As an active resident of Norwood and the Director of Woven Oak Initiatives, a program intent on creating community connections among the residents of Norwood, Angela Pancella has extensive knowledge and experience when it comes to this relationship. While many Xavier students may … Continue reading NORWOOD FOR DUMMIES


By: Hana Priscu ~Feature Editor~ Valentine’s day is a day dedicated to individuals who have found a special someone to spend time with and money on. However, it can also be a day to enjoy the company of other loved ones. Whether single by choice or because of that strange stench that seems to linger around you, celebrating “Palentine’s day” is a constructive alternative to watching violent slasher movies and hexing those who have found love. Whether you prefer the phrase “pals before gals,” “uteruses before duderuses” or “Madden before Jasmine from Aladdin,” the sentiment remains accurate. While significant others … Continue reading VALENTINE’S DAY


By: Hana Priscu ~Feature Editor~ As college students, we all know the crushing weight of procrastination. Even when faced with the pressure of writing this article, my eyes would somewhat briefly slip to my phone to see what Tweetsnap or Facemessage I may have received, until the moment my looming deadline broke the trance. Since the dawn of man, humans have been playing stick ball rather than discovering fire, drinking barley instead of growing it and sitting around sipping tea rather than signing the Declaration of Independence. Little has changed in the years that followed, and little is likely to … Continue reading PROCRASTINATION