By: Hana Priscu ~Feature Editor~
2As college students, we all know the crushing weight of procrastination. Even when faced with the pressure of writing this article, my eyes would somewhat briefly slip to my phone to see what Tweetsnap or Facemessage I may have received, until the moment my looming deadline broke the trance.

Since the dawn of man, humans have been playing stick ball rather than discovering fire, drinking barley instead of growing it and sitting around sipping tea rather than signing the Declaration of Independence. Little has changed in the years that followed, and little is likely to change in the future. Procrastination is here to stay.

While people have been putting off until tomorrow what they could do today for quite some time, it is the firm, and usually well-supported, opinion that college students make an art form of procrastination.

How we deal with this dark storm cloud of the “lazies” is what defines the events that follow. Some might decide to bingewatch Netflix. In this case, hours of bliss on the trap—that is, the couch—will follow. This will result in significant happiness but little progress by most people’s standards, regretfully.

Others may choose to rely on social media. Checking the endless list of messages and pictures piling up will supply one with sufficient information regarding who did what over the long weekend and what Jenny said about Samantha (Can you believe it?). Sadly, this will not help you when your professor decides that you should explain an answer to the class or even repeat what they just said. They could totally tell you weren’t listening.

Although college students have taken procrastination to a new and somewhat frightening level, the ability to cope with massive amounts of stress has been renewed and invigorated amongst those whose future-selves do most of the work. Those future-selves have embraced procrastination and learned to take it in stride. Sometimes right up until the Canvas submission page closes.