By: Hana Priscu ~Feature Editor~

Valentine’s day is a day dedicated to individuals who have found a special someone to spend time with and money on. However, it can also be a day to enjoy the company of other loved ones. Whether single by choice or because of that strange stench that seems to linger around you, celebrating “Palentine’s day” is a constructive alternative to watching violent slasher movies and hexing those who have found love.


Whether you prefer the phrase “pals before gals,” “uteruses before duderuses” or “Madden before Jasmine from Aladdin,” the sentiment remains accurate.

While significant others are not always long-term, especially for college students, friends are the ones who Uber home with you when you fall asleep at Dana’s or defend you when you accidentally let it slip that you applied to the University of Cincinnati (by accident).

Although there is not currently a national holiday similar in caliber to Valentine’s day, a movement should be made to celebrate Palentine’s day—a day for pals.

Depending on your friendship style, there are many various ways one can celebrate Palentine’s day: sit and watch hours of television without moving unless to use the restroom or make more popcorn if you are the laid-back type, or organize a day full of activities stretching across all of downtown Cincinnati if you are the adventurous type.

There is no wrong way to do Palentine’s day.





For those lucky and talented enough to have tricked someone into being their Valentine, you have a completely different agenda for Feb. 14. Unlike Palentine’s day, however, there is a wrong way to do Valentine’s day.

Examples of poor Valentine’s day planning include going to Currito and buying your date a festive dinner with your dining dollars or regifting a present you received for Christmas and throwing mac and cheese onto the stove because you forgot to buy anything else.

Clearly, these cases are easily avoided with the proper care and planning. Similar guidelines apply as do for planning a Palentine’s day celebration.

If yours is a more laid-back relationship, then making a homecooked meal and watching classic movies may be more your cup of tea. However, others may feel that a fancy dinner is more their speed.

Valentine’s day is looming and, as always, it will be intimidating.