Xavier Bucket List

Whether you are graduating this semester or in three years, there are various activities that most Xavier students consider necessary in order to get the “complete” experience. Here are a few suggestions to partake in during your time at Xavier.  On Campus  Attend a Xavier Basketball Game Go to student Mass  Eat at the Blue Gibbon  Go to Pig Roast  Read an entire edition of the Newswire  Take a picture with the Blue Blob  Have a picnic or throw a Frisbee on the Xavier Yard  Take the elevator to the top of Schott Hall  Around the City  Attend a Red’s … Continue reading Xavier Bucket List

Rollin’ to Colorado

With basketball season well underway, the Blue Blob has been quite busy. In addition to his classes, mascot practices and game days, he will be attending the first annual Steamboat Mascot Stampede from Dec. 11-15 in Steamboat Springs, Colo. The Newswire sat down with the Blob to find out more about the competition. Xavier Newswire (XN): What exactly will you be doing while at the competition? The Blue Blob: The weekend begins Thursday evening with a dinner for everyone invited. Sixteen schools across the nation were given an invitation and accepted. Friday morning will begin with mascot boot camp, then … Continue reading Rollin’ to Colorado


By: Hollis Conners ~Features Editor~ Red and green lights are illuminating the streets of Over-the-Rhine (OTR) as various nonprofits participate in otrAGLOW, a window display competition that will light up the neighborhood for the third year in a row. OtrAGLOW began with Urban Sites, a building developer in OTR that allowed residents and businesses to take part in a window display contest. Eventually, more organizations like the Art Academy and OTR Chamber became involved, and a “nonprofit” category was added. Sean Rhiney, Xavier’s Director of the Eigel Center for Community Engaged Learning, was one of the judges. “As the neighborhood … Continue reading otrAGLOW