Xavier Bucket List

Whether you are graduating this semester or in three years, there are various activities that most Xavier students consider necessary in order to get the “complete” experience. Here are a few suggestions to partake in during your time at Xavier.

 On Campus

 Attend a Xavier Basketball Game Go to student Mass
 Eat at the Blue Gibbon  Go to Pig Roast
 Read an entire edition of the Newswire  Take a picture with the Blue Blob
 Have a picnic or throw a Frisbee on the Xavier Yard  Take the elevator to the top of Schott Hall

 Around the City

 Attend a Red’s game  Go to Eden Park  Look over the entire city scape at Bellevue Park
 Go to the Festival of Lights at the Cincinnati Zoo  Run the Flying Pig (If you’re bold enough)  Go Ice Skating at Fountain Square
 Take advantage of all the theatre performances on campus and around Cincinnati  With the Labor Day Fireworks  Go to one of the Museums
 Shop in Over-the-Rhine (OTR)  Walk across the Purple People Bridge  Stones

 Food & Drink (Note: * Indicates that a student needs to be 21)

 Get a burger at Gordo’s Enjoy the festivities at Oktoberfest  Eat at Skyline
 Perform Karaoke at Cancun  Eat Half-Price sushi at Cloud 9  Eat an order of Spicy Balls at Dana’s
 Have a beer at Listermann’s*  Go to Findlay Market  Get coffee at the Red Door
 Go to Mug Club*