By: Lydia Reagan ~Feature Editor~ So you’ve chosen Xavier University. You’ve been moved into your new dorm, met your roommates and neighbors and want to get off campus to explore some of the local delicacies. Where do you go? You can check out these awesome places – some near, some far – and explore all that this great city has to offer. Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens Who doesn’t love going to the zoo? For about $20, you can see all the animals you can imagine and take a trip back to your childhood! You can check out the new … Continue reading THINGS TO DO IN CINCY

Xavier Bucket List

Whether you are graduating this semester or in three years, there are various activities that most Xavier students consider necessary in order to get the “complete” experience. Here are a few suggestions to partake in during your time at Xavier.  On Campus  Attend a Xavier Basketball Game Go to student Mass  Eat at the Blue Gibbon  Go to Pig Roast  Read an entire edition of the Newswire  Take a picture with the Blue Blob  Have a picnic or throw a Frisbee on the Xavier Yard  Take the elevator to the top of Schott Hall  Around the City  Attend a Red’s … Continue reading Xavier Bucket List

Things to do during Family Weekend

Every year, there comes a time when students must reveal to their parents realities of college life. However, after seeing the essentials (the cafeteria, the library and your dorm room) there may be a few hours remaining. Xavier hosts many sporting and recreational activities on campus in which families can partake, but there are also many exciting options around the Cincinnati area for the more curious visitors. If the urge to explore overwhelms some of the more adventurous visitors, Eden Park has many attractions in which to lose oneself. The Cincinnati Art Museum, which resides in the park, will be … Continue reading Things to do during Family Weekend