The Doctor is In

By: Hollis Conners ~Features Editor~ Xavier Newswire: Can you explain the different roles and responsibilities you have as nurse practitioners and a MD? 1. Kim L. Miller, MD: I decided to (attend) medical school because I wanted more breadth of what I could do. I wanted to be able to make changes and to be flexible in my career to a maximum degree. As a physician, I could go into any specialty. Both entail lifelong learning, and that’s what is so attractive about them as careers. There is no individual who knows everything. 2. Marcelle Bobst, MSN, ANP-C: I think … Continue reading The Doctor is In

Banned Books Week

Every year during the last week of September, a number of authors, readers, teachers, journalists and publishers are brought together during Banned Books Week to celebrate the freedom to read and share ideas. Banned Books Week began in 1982 when a number of schools and libraries started “challenging,” or attempting to restrict or remove, certain books. According to the American Library Association (ALA), over 11,300 books have been removed or restricted from various locations across the country since Banned Books Week began. Books are often challenged to protect children from “offensive language” and “inappropriate sexual content.” Though many challenges are … Continue reading Banned Books Week

How to Avoid Getting Sick

Flu season is nearly upon us, and the only place that may harbor more germs than a daycare is a college campus. Students living in close proximity and bringing their own germs from their home states is a recipe for disaster. Here are some precautions you can take to try and fight infections. Wash Your Hands This may seem silly and obvious, but this is one of the most effective ways to lower your chances of catching something. For those of you who skipped “Handwashing 101,” putting your hands under running water is not washing your hands. You might as … Continue reading How to Avoid Getting Sick