Learning how to “adult”

The art of learning how to take life in stride So, graduation is in a month. That means I am supposed to be a real person and start doing real-person things like balancing a budget and filing taxes. I’m supposed to be able to prepare balanced meals for myself and pack healthy lunches to eat in the break room at work. However, I have a problem with this “lifestyle” for a number of reasons. First of all, what does balancing a budget even mean? It sounds miserable and boring. Just the idea of learning how to do it makes me … Continue reading Learning how to “adult”

Your best has yet to come

Advice on how to make your four years a launching pad to a happy life As seniors in college, we are under a lot of pressure. Pressure to graduate, find a job, decide where we want to go, blah blah blah. All the adult stuff we like to pretend we don’t have to deal with. But there is also one major stressor that many overlook. “College will be the best four years of your life.” Wow. Talk about pressure. Not only do we have to go in with that expectation, but we also have to take full responsibility for making … Continue reading Your best has yet to come

Living a Healthy lifestyle

By: Hollis Conners ~Features Editor~ Media is obsessed    with losing weight and attaining an “ideal body type.” However, in the quest for the perfect body, many overlook the idea of simply living a healthy lifestyle. The following suggestions are not intended to advise students to lose weight. They are simply suggestions one can use to not only help form healthier habits, but to feel good about health choices. Invest in a Water Bottle Not only will this help you save money by not buying bottles out of the vending machines, but drinking water throughout the day will also help … Continue reading Living a Healthy lifestyle