Advice: Stop people pleasing The value of self-maintenance

By: Luke Byerly ~Copy Editor~ College is a time when people make a staggering amount of personal connections. You join new clubs, meet new people in your classes and become friends with at least some of these people. With this new wave of people into your life come new responsibilities to friends, teachers, classmates, co-workers and significant others. With these new responsibilities comes stress, and sometimes you’ll find that you have too much going on at one time. For me, being swamped with responsibilities sometimes feels like my natural state. It seems like I’m always running from one responsibility to … Continue reading Advice: Stop people pleasing The value of self-maintenance

Campus creep caught

By: Grant F. Vance ~Managing Editor~ & Luke Byerly ~Copy Editor~ After a string of sexual assaults spanning two semesters, the notorious campus creep was taken into custody yesterday, Feb. 23. Students were concerned specifically about the amount of time it was taking to catch him and what seemed to be a lack of information provided in timely notices. According to Xavier University Police Chief Milek, four students have directly raised the question of why timely notices leave out crucial details, not to mention the general rumblings of curiosity expressed informally. More factors affect the formulation of timely notices than can … Continue reading Campus creep caught

Knocking arts is B.S. Advice: Love your artists and scientists

By: Luke Byerly ~Copy Editor~ The sciences are studied in order to advance human manipulation, or as Descartes argued, our “mastery over nature.” We study the sciences in order to improve human life and provide a more comfortable existence for mankind. Indeed, the sciences are extremely important, which is why it does not surprise me when I hear science majors say that arts majors are useless. As someone going for a sciences and arts double major, this upsets me. The fact is arts majors study material that speaks to our emotion, something that everyone should be able to relate to. … Continue reading Knocking arts is B.S. Advice: Love your artists and scientists