What does SGA do?

By: Luke Byerly & Llama ~Socrates Wannabes~ In a brilliant effort to benefit the Xavier community, SGA has come up with the groundbreaking Initiative Four, which aims to improve the Xavier experience. This initiative contains no known proposals for actual changes and is estimated to cost $19.2 trillion, which may slightly raise t uition. Many students, however, are concerned about the changes that may or may not be happening. “These changes will possibly impact everybody, in ways which I literally cannot describe! We demand answers from whomever is involved in this initiative, and we will not quit until we get them! … Continue reading What does SGA do?

Advice: Politeness doesn’t hurt A defense of political correctness

By: Luke Byerly ~Copy Editor~ In light of the recent primary election and the rise of GOP frontrunner Donald Trump, the issue of political correctness has entered into a strange gray area. Trump does not worry about being politically correct. In fact, he admits to thinking political correctness is a problem in modern politics. What’s more concerning, however, is the warm reception this has with people, some of whom applaud Trump’s disregard for being politically correct. We use politically correct terms to not offend people or groups in our society. Not using politically correct terms doesn’t mean people are trying … Continue reading Advice: Politeness doesn’t hurt A defense of political correctness