College football should think about the future

Altering season structure could impact traditions, routines and draft picks COVID-19 has sent administrators, school officials and conference commissioners scrambling to reach a solution. As they continue to search for answers, an alarming reality is beginning to set in — the potential for a full cancellation of next season or perhaps even worse, the complete alteration of the current schedule and structure.  Recent brainstorming efforts by Power 5 commissioners have only generated a response that threatens to completely discard the current structure of college football.  These ideas appear to be examined only through a financial lens. Statistics provided by Teamworks … Continue reading College football should think about the future

MLB video game brings the heat

Baseball is suspended —for now. But the good news is you can play as your favorite teams and players with the latest installment of the “MLB: The Show” franchise. This game will be sure to reinvigorate the spirit of America’s pastime with some upgraded features. Fans of the game might notice the updated cracking of the bat sound right away, and it’s one that changes based on the type of contact made during a game. If you wallop a 400-footer, you will hear the hard maple smacking the ball with authority. On the other hand, if you hit a dribbler … Continue reading MLB video game brings the heat