Forest Park decriminalizes marijuana possession

By Marty Dubecky, Digital Communications Manager In possession of 200 grams of weed? You can still walk free if you are within the city limits of Forest Park, Ohio. On Oct. 17, the city of Forest Park City Council passed an ordinance decriminalizing the possession of marijuana up to 200 grams. Possession of marijuana in Forest Park is now only a minor misdemeanor, meaning a fine of up to $150 and no jail time. A minor misdemeanor does not qualify as a criminal record. The change in law comes after President Joe Biden overhauled the U.S. marijuana policies, pardoning thousands … Continue reading Forest Park decriminalizes marijuana possession

Fat Bear

By Marty DuBecky, Digital Communications Manager Katmai National Park crowned 2022’s Fat Bear champion after a tumultuous voting scandal that could have led to a fraudulent winner. Every year at Brooks River in Katmai National Park, Alaska, many of the most corpulent brown bears on the earth get even grander in preparation for hibernation. The bears’ mass-building preparation gives way to Fat Bear Week.  The park hosts a week-long, March Madness-esque single elimination tournament to determine which bear is the fattest, cutest and overall favorite. Voters cast online ballots each October, and the bears are matched up head-to-head in a … Continue reading Fat Bear

Banned Books Week stresses unity

By Marty Dubecky, Digital Communications Manager Banned Books Week — kicking off last Sunday and wrapping up this Saturday, Sept. 24 — seeks to celebrate diversity and inclusion in literature. Book bannings have become increasingly prevalent due to a rise in parents trying to keep books with topics about race, diversity and gender expression out of schools and libraries.  But book bannings have an even longer history. Historians say Uncle Tom’s Cabin was the first banned book in America due to its pro-abolition agenda and discussions about slavery in the years before the Civil War.  By 1982, anywhere from 500 … Continue reading Banned Books Week stresses unity