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Night on Victory Parkway From Wikispookpedia, where students get the answers to their theology homework Night on Victory Parkway is a 2021 fantasy comedy directed by Robert Warfel. It tells the story of a depressed XUPD officer who gets demoted to night patrolman on the campus of Xavier University and accidentally stumbles upon the curse of Father B. which causes the religious statues around campus to come alive under the gleam of the moonlight. Plot Scott Free is a campus security guard down on his luck who feels like his life is slowly deteriorating. After failing to reach his ticket … Continue reading Back Page 10/28/21

Guilty until proven wealthy

By Melissa Navarra, Business Manager “Innocent until proven guilty” is a core principle of the American justice system. However, on a given day, there are nearly half a million people being kept in U.S. jails pre-trial, despite the fact that they are legally innocent of the crimes with which they have been charged.  This is because of cash bail: a system created to ensure defendants return to court for their trial by requiring they pay a certain amount of money to be used as collateral. If they return to court, they will get their money back. If they fail to … Continue reading Guilty until proven wealthy