Mavericks become involved in national anthem controversy

WRITTEN BY: Will Pembroke, Multimedia Show Manager Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban made the decision to stop playing the national anthem before Mavericks’ home games this month.  Cuban said that while he appreciates the anthem — and always stands with his hand over his heart while it is played — others in the Mavericks organization and across the country do not feel “The Star Spangled Banner” represents them.  The Mavericks hosted ten home games without playing the anthem, and they did not face any national media backlash. However, once the public recognized this alteration, NBA Commissioner Adam Silver reinforced the … Continue reading Mavericks become involved in national anthem controversy

NBA midseason analysis

By: Will pembroke, Associate multimedia editor Following the daunting challenge of hosting playoffs from inside a pandemic bubble, the NBA continues to encounter difficulties posed by COVID-19.   The league, at this point, has  suspended 23 games due to COVID-19 outbreaks. Experts have speculated several times that the NBA would need to temporarily pause the season due to the number of postponements. Shockingly, that has yet to happen.  Pandemic aside, there have also been plenty of basketball storylines to follow. Here are a few: Rookies who aren’t playing like rookies Despite the bashing of this year’s incoming class prior to the draft, … Continue reading NBA midseason analysis