A Review of 2015 Science

By: Andrew Utz ~Staff Writer~ Scientific discoveries occurred every week throughout 2015. Here’s a highlight of what was accomplished. The New Horizons space probe, launched in 2006, completed its journey to the outer edge of our solar system to officially explore the surface of Pluto, as well as other dwarf planets in the Kuiper Belt beyond. Once it reached the planet, the probe examined its geography, atmosphere and chemical compositions. In addition, the probe took the first close photographs of the planet, allowing scientists to examine the topography. Back on Earth, a research group in England successfully built a real-life … Continue reading A Review of 2015 Science

2014 Preview: A Look at Some of the Major Events of the Upcoming Year

By: Andrew Koch, Tim Wilmes, Hollis Conners NASA NASA’s spacecraft, “New Horizons,” has been traveling towards the edges of our solar system since 2006. It is planned to pass Pluto by July 2015. NASA predicts that “New Horizons” will cross Neptune’s orbit in late August. World Cup The FIFA World Cup will take place from June 12- July 13 in Brazil. This is the second time Brazil has hosted the tournament and there will be a total of 31 countries competing. For the first time, the competition will be using goal line technology, which will help accurately determine if the … Continue reading 2014 Preview: A Look at Some of the Major Events of the Upcoming Year