Nigeria continues to fight Boko Haram

By: Richard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ The Nigerian Islamic militant group Boko Haram attempted to take control of Borno’s capital city on Feb. 1. Boko Haram translates as“Western education is forbidden,” and the group was founded in 2002, originally meant to oppose any form of Western education. The extremist group formed a military in 2009 in an attempt to become an Islamic State. The United States declared it a terrorist group in 2013. The attack marked the second time in one week that the militant group has attempted to take the city. The Nigerian army successfullyfought off an attack from Boko … Continue reading Nigeria continues to fight Boko Haram

News in Brief

By: Meredith Francis ~Campus News Editor~ Two Israeli soldiers killed, two injured in stabbings An Israeli soldier was stabbed and killed in Tel Aviv in the first of four stabbings of Israeli soldiers on Nov. 10. One of the three other soldiers was a 24-year-old woman who also died of her wounds. Israeli police officials are calling the attackers “terrorists.” These incidents come amidst lingering tension between Israelis and Palestinians and growing conflict between Fatah and Hamas, two Palestinian factions that control the West Bank and Gaza, respectively. Small plane crash in the Bahamas kills nine people A small jet … Continue reading News in Brief