Vending machines dispense art

By: Sara Ringenbach ~Guest Writer~ Have a late night craving for creative writing or art? Xavier’s new book/art vending machine has something for you to sink your teeth into. Located on the third floor entrance to the Conotan Learning Commons, the new book/art vending machine offers a buffet of original work written and designed by students. Created by English professor Kristen Renzi, the vending machine houses a cacophony of individual voices. “It’s the community’s vehicle for conversation. Some people are not as naturally talkative and may find their voice better expressed as words on a page or through something they make,” … Continue reading Vending machines dispense art

‘Death of Print’ zine

By: Zenab Saeed ~Staff Writer~ Xavier is now home to a new student-produced literary zine. “The Death of Print is Inevitable” is an independently published zine that features art ranging from poetry, short stories and essays to drawings and photography. The zine, created by sophomore Gabe Costello and junior Michael Thompson, mainly features student work but also includes work from several nonstudent contributions. “My co-creator, Gabe Costello, came to me with the original idea for the zine and we built it together from the ground up,” Thomspon said. “Gabe’s ‘official’ title is editor and I serve as publisher, but we … Continue reading ‘Death of Print’ zine

SAC hosts poet Neil Hilbourn

By: Max Bruns ~Staff Writers~ The Student Activities Council (SAC) hosted Neil Hilborn, a poet famous for a viral poem called “OCD,” on Oct. 20 in the Gallagher Student Center (GSC). There were 104 students in attendance at the event, which had a similar format to a slam poetry competition, though the performers were not scored by audience members. Hilborn invited students to come up and recite original works, and a total of 15 students got up on stage and read. “It takes a lot of guts to come up here and say your own poems like that,” Hilborn said, … Continue reading SAC hosts poet Neil Hilbourn