‘Death of Print’ zine

By: Zenab Saeed ~Staff Writer~

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A new literary zine comes to Xavier.

Xavier is now home to a new student-produced literary zine. “The Death of Print is Inevitable” is an independently published zine that features art ranging from poetry, short stories and essays to drawings and photography. The zine, created by sophomore Gabe Costello and junior Michael Thompson, mainly features student work but also includes work from several nonstudent contributions.

“My co-creator, Gabe Costello, came to me with the original idea for the zine and we built it together from the ground up,” Thomspon said. “Gabe’s ‘official’ title is editor and I serve as publisher, but we do almost every part of the process together. Gabe wrangles writers and submissions and handles most of the social media, while I do a lot of formatting and physically compiling everything. Together we decide on an aesthetic for each issue.”

“The Death of Print is Inevitable” has a simple goal: to give people a chance to write the things they want and to have them be read. “We accept all kinds of work and if we get something that doesn’t quite fit we talk to the writer or artist and help them get it to a place that works better for our publication.

A lot of our material is more ‘underground’ and we don’t expect or, really, desire a massive audience. All we hope is that everyone who reads the zine enjoys it,” Thompson said. Each issue is handmade by Costello and Thompson: they cut and paste pieces, photocopy them in the Gallagher Student Center