Protests break out in Hong Kong

By: Richard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ Pro-democracy protestors gathered in the streets of Hong Kong in response to what they claim to be a threat to the democratic process by the Chinese government. Many of the protestors are students who claim that China is refusing to allow genuine democratic reform in Hong Kong. They accuse the government of solely allowing candidates who were investigated by Beijing to run in Hong Kong’s city elections for chief executive. The elections were scheduled for 2017 and were going to be the city’s first democratic election. Instead, the candidates will be chosen by a panel. … Continue reading Protests break out in Hong Kong

All about Campus Safety

By: Meredith Francis ~Campus News Editor~ Who are the Xavier Police and the office of Audit and Risk Management? Xavier Police, also commonly referred to as Campus Police, is the police force on campus. All Xavier Police officers are trained like any other Ohio police officer. It is Xavier Police that deals with the more urgent issues on campus, such as theft reports or intoxicated students on campus. “We also have mutual aid and concurrent jurisdiction agreements with Cincinnati Police and Norwood Police, (which) gives us more authority to go out into the immediate areas off campus and help our … Continue reading All about Campus Safety

Xavier Safety reports thefts in campus buildings due to stolen master keys

By: Lydia Rogers Xavier Safety has reported that there have been three separate occurrences between July and October of this year in which the master keys had been stolen from the department offices and used to break into other campus buildings. Items such as laptops, textbooks and other miscellaneous personal belongings were reported stolen. Joint investigation has been initiated with Cincinnati, Norwood and Xavier University Police Department. Local bookstores, pawnshops and other shops and businesses in the area have been notified of the thefts and instructed to be alert and keep an eye out for stolen property. So far, one … Continue reading Xavier Safety reports thefts in campus buildings due to stolen master keys