Papal synod on family concludes

Preliminary meeting of bishops does not reach conclusive decision on church teaching By: Richard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ Pope Francis concluded a summit of bishops in the Vatican on Oct. 19 called the Synod on the Family, beginning a discussion on the Catholic Church’s idea of family. Over the course of the two-week period, over 200 bishops attended the synod which met to open a dialogue, calling the Catholic Church to accept gay people, divorced people, as well as unmarried couples and children of nontraditional families. A committee of bishops who were chosen by Pope Francis produced a document which outlined … Continue reading Papal synod on family concludes

Media inaccurately portrays pope

Every time I see a new article published on Pope Francis, I cringe because I assume it’s going to be bad. Not bad like the litany-of-sex-abuse-allegations bad that we saw a couple years ago, but bad as in no-one-can-describe-the-pope-accurately bad. Since Pope Francis’s election on Mar. 13, 2013, the English-speaking media has regularly mischaracterized the pope’s positions, papacy and efforts, both by mangling basic Catholic vocabulary and by projecting political positions onto Church politics that are hopeful at best. If you think Pope Francis is a liberal or a progressive, you are wrong. I wish this problem were restricted to … Continue reading Media inaccurately portrays pope