Americans freed from North Korea

By: Richard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ Kenneth Bae and Matthew Todd Miller were released by the North Korean government and were welcomed home on Nov. 8. They arrived at Joint Base Lewis- McChord near Tacoma, Wash. Their release came after a letter was delivered to officials in Pyongyang by U.S. Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Clapper went to the country as an envoy of President Obama to negotiate the release and spent about a day in North Korea deliberating with security officials. The U.S. government stated that there was no trade in exchange for the prisoners. Bae is 46 years … Continue reading Americans freed from North Korea

Protests erupt in Burkina Faso

By: Richard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ Protestors gathered in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, on Nov. 2 demanding that the new military government step aside in favor of the democratic government which was previously in place. After Burkina Faso’s president Blasie Compaore resigned, the military took power over the country’s government. Citizens reacted with protests and demands that the constitutional rule be reinstated. Security forces attempted to enforce some order, but gunshots were fired during a clash between the two groups. Compaore’s resignation followed prior protests involving more than 1 million people against his campaign to run for president as he attempted to … Continue reading Protests erupt in Burkina Faso

Bellarmine Chapel to host United Nations Day event

By: Richard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ The Cincinnati Chapter of Citizens for Global Solutions along with Bellarmine Chapel will host an event as a part of the Global Week of Action for a World Parliament Assembly. This event is one of many being held throughout the world during the Global Week of Action which happens from Oct. 17-26. Citizens for Global Solutions is a group that advocates for a united federation of nations as well as world democracy. “If students, faculty, administration and staff think the idea is worth exploring, I hope they will search out the advantages of thinking in … Continue reading Bellarmine Chapel to host United Nations Day event