Column: Sexicon

SeX and Relationships, a BRAVE Column BY Caroline Dziubek, A BRAVE PEER EDUCATOR CONTENT WARNING: THIS POST DISCUSSES RAPE AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE As an English major, I’m big on words. Every time I write something, whether it be an essay, a poem or even a text, I think long and hard about what I want to say and what words I can use to say it. I care very deeply about my writing because I know that, in many ways, the words I choose reflect what kind of person I am, what I value and what I don’t. In the … Continue reading Column: Sexicon

Column: Let’s talk about body counts

SeX and Relationships, A BRAVE Column By Andrea Butler, A BRAVE Peer Educator CONTENT WARNING: THIS POST DISCUSSES RAPE AND SEXUAL VIOLENCE A body count is how many people an individual has slept with since that person first had sex. It is inherently tied to the derogatory notion that the number of past sexual partners and who they were determines someone’s worth. For example, if someone has a lower body count than their partner, they are probably perceived as “inexperienced.” In contrast, those with a higher number may be perceived as “easy.” What happens is each scenario prevents one from … Continue reading Column: Let’s talk about body counts

Fifty shades: celebrating unhealthy sex

Ana and Grey’s relationship isn’t romanic, so why do we love it so much? Let’s face it; we live in an age of a multi-billion dollar Internet porn industry, discreet naughty-toy shipping and hundreds of apps that far surpass Tinder’s sexual connotation. All these things provide outlets for our curiosity about BDSM. “Fifty Shades of Grey” provided women with the unique opportunity to explore this lifestyle, albeit vicariously. I think what often gets mixed up is women’s liberty to read and enjoy a highly sexualized story like this and the implicit narrative of sexual manipulation. You’d think those would be … Continue reading Fifty shades: celebrating unhealthy sex