Column: Let’s talk about body counts

SeX and Relationships, A BRAVE Column

By Andrea Butler, A BRAVE Peer Educator


A body count is how many people an individual has slept with since that person first had sex. It is inherently tied to the derogatory notion that the number of past sexual partners and who they were determines someone’s worth.

For example, if someone has a lower body count than their partner, they are probably perceived as “inexperienced.” In contrast, those with a higher number may be perceived as “easy.” What happens is each scenario prevents one from conversing about their sexual past openly. Consenual sex is a natural activity that can have positive outcomes mentally, physically and emotionally for all parties involved. Individuals who connect with their partners should not feel ashamed of their past partners or lack thereof.

Sex does not define who someone is, regardless of what their past experiences have been. Body counts are outdated, and they perpetuate a harmful stigma. It’s time to drop the body count and move on to healthy conversation.

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