We ARE Change endorsed with enthusiasm

By Newswire’s Editorial Board There are three executive tickets running for election in the 2021 Student Government Association (SGA) Election.  We ARE Change includes presidential nominee Annalese Cahill and Vice Presidential nominees Evan Nash and Ryan Dhaliwal. Voice for Xavier includes presidential nominee Murphy Penwell and Vice Presidential nominees David Reeves and Adam Stuckey. AID XU includes presidential nominee Derrick Meyer and Vice Presidential nominees Ethan Brosnan and Diego Pulido. Based on the evaluation by our Editorial Board, Newswire has decided to endorse We ARE Change. We have full confidence that Cahill, Nash and Dhaliwal all have the necessary vision and … Continue reading We ARE Change endorsed with enthusiasm

SGA Senator Elections

By: Jessica Griggs ~Campus News Editor~ As election season comes to a close, Student Government Association (SGA) will hold the Senate election beginning at 8 a.m. Nov. 4 and ending at 4 p.m. Nov. 5. The Board of Elections announced that there are 11 candidates running for office. Those who are elected will begin their terms in January. In previous years, senators served for a school year, but a new election cycle was approved last semester that changed the term length to a full calendar year, mirroring the new SGA executive terms. As senators, those elected will serve on one … Continue reading SGA Senator Elections