Creating a less-biased Xavier for all

BART leads discussions about important dialogue By: Bias Advisory and Response Team (BART) Certainly we all have biases, right? The answer to this rhetorical question is yes we all do indeed hold conscious or implicit biases or stereotypes that can negatively affect people we interact with everyday, whether in the office, classroom, residence hall, student organizations or on the playing field. Bias incidents happen to all kinds of people, yet something can be done to “de-bias” ourselves, as coined by MTVs’ seven-day race and gender bias cleanse. And so Xavier created BART to respond to and help prevent bias incidents … Continue reading Creating a less-biased Xavier for all

XU Police to host fire safety event

By: Regina Wright ~Staff Writer~ Xavier Police, along with the Ohio Fire Marshal Office and Cincinnati Fire and Rescue, will be hosting an event called “The Alarming Truth” on Xavier’s campus. The Alarming Truth, which will take place on Feb. 18, is a fire safety initiative that will promote safe household practices among college students living on and off campus. It is also being brought to Xavier’s campus as part of Xavier Police’s fire safety initiative. According to the Alarming Truth’s website, “Since 2000, more than 164 people have died in fires at colleges and universities. Four out of five of those occur in off-campus housing.” During the event, Xavier Police will show a video called the “The Alarming Truth” and will hold a discussion regarding fire safety following … Continue reading XU Police to host fire safety event