XU Police to host fire safety event

By: Regina Wright ~Staff Writer~

Xavier Police, along with the Ohio Fire Marshal Office and Cincinnati Fire and Rescue, will be hosting an event called “The Alarming Truth” on Xavier’s campus.

The Alarming Truth, which will take place on Feb. 18, is a fire safety initiative that will promote safe household practices among college students living on and off campus. It is also being brought to Xavier’s campus as part of Xavier Police’s fire safety initiative. According to the Alarming Truth’s website, “Since 2000, more than 164 people have died in fires at colleges and universities. Four out of five of those occur in off-campus housing.”

During the event, Xavier Police will show a video called the “The Alarming Truth” and will hold a discussion regarding fire safety following the video.

According to Xavier Police Sgt. Shawn Bryce, the goal of the event is “to encourage people to pay attention to their surroundings as far as fire safety.”

The Alarming Truth is new to Xavier and was brought to campus by Bryce.

“The program is an initiative through the Fire Marshal’s Office because campus fires are more frequent than what people hear,” Bryce said. “So I felt it was important to bring it to Xavier for the community, especially since last year we had two active fires on campus.”

Bryce offered some fire safety tips ahead of the event. “Make sure that smoke detectors are working wherever your residence is, whether it is private, off campus living or on-campus living. Knowing what your exits are, especially knowing more than one exit (is important) because students in general usually focus on the one exit they use every day,” Bryce said.

“And exit the buildings when you hear the fire alarm, don’t assume that it is a drill.”

The Alarming Truth will be held from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. on Feb. 18 in Hailstones Hall Room 2. Anyone, including faculty, staff and students, can attend the event. For more information about The Alarming Truth, and to learn more about fire safety and tips for your residence, visit http://www.alarmingtruth.org