Lessons for college courtesy of ‘South Park’

By: James Neyer ~Staff Writer~ Whenever I go home, I always do three things: cuddle with my big dumb dog Max, grab a bunch of fresh food made for me and engage in a lively debate with my mom. My mother and I vary greatly in respect to some beliefs, and we often engage in debate concerning politics, religion and occasionally Star Wars. It is because of our differences that I welcome these debates. My mom challenges me to think critically and to try and understand opposing viewpoints. Everyone has their own set of beliefs that they hold dear. Occasionally … Continue reading Lessons for college courtesy of ‘South Park’


When people think of addiction, they generally think about smoking, alcoholism and maybe even caffeine. The typically talked-about addictions, such as smoking and caffeine, are generally caused by chemical dependencies that affect a person’s body. If someone is addicted to nicotine, going too long without a cigarette makes him feel anxious and irritable. If a caffeine-addicted person waits too long for coffee, she grows drowsier and has a harder time concentrating on tasks. While these addictions can be harmful, they are not the only addictions someone can have. Non-chemical based addictions are addictions that have no basis in the chemical … Continue reading Addiction