Staff editorial: election missteps

By: Editorial Staff ~Newswire~ Last week’s SGA election was a turning point for student government at Xavier. Caleb, Quigley and Kiana (CQK) were elected with only 8 percent of the undergraduate student body vote. This situation justifies the need for a frank discussion about the future of civic affairs on Xavier’s campus. Following the election, the Newswire reviewed the process and was saddened by the events that led up to the vote. Several major organizations on campus, the Newswire included, failed in their obligations to inform and engage the student body. This is no way meant as a criticism of … Continue reading Staff editorial: election missteps

CQK runs as sole SGA ticket

By: Tatum Hunter ~Editor-in-Chief~ This year’s Student Government Association (SGA) executive election will take place this week, starting at 8 a.m. Oct. 21 and ending at 4 p.m. Oct. 22. All students can vote online at during the specified voting time. This is the first year that SGA executive elections have been held in the fall instead of the spring semester. Executive terms will now be organized by calendar year instead of academic year. There is one ticket running for office, consisting of presidential candidate Caleb Mickler, legislative vice presidential candidate Michael Quigley and administrative vice presidential candidate Kiana … Continue reading CQK runs as sole SGA ticket