University transitions to new Core

By: Justin Worthing ~Staff Writer~ Students, staff and faculty are beginning the transition to Xavier’s new Core structure, which was approved by staff and the Board of Trustees last April. Although the structure of the Core and the requirements it holds have been approved, new Core classes must still be created. Staff and faculty selected the new Core, currently entitled Core B, by vote last semester, with 85% supporting it over alternative Core A. Core B specializes in promoting “depth of thought through broad exposure to ways of knowing, or Perspectives, of traditional liberal arts disciplines.” The new Core requires … Continue reading University transitions to new Core

A year of speaking out Students exercise their voices

Xavier students have not been short on opin­ions this year, and this year has been a rather event­ful one. Students have made strong statements about everything from the fence around the basketball courts to the ongoing Core curriculum revision. They have expressed interest in international poli­tics, defining what it means to be a student and ev­erything in between. The Newswire has had the privilege of facilitating many of those discussions, whether through the instigation of our featured columnists or through the responses of students, faculty and community members in letters to the editor. As a staff, we have not shied … Continue reading A year of speaking out Students exercise their voices

Xavier’s “March Gladness”

In the latest of its marketing campaigns, the Xavier Alumni Office launched “a 48 hour social media and giving blitz called ‘March Gladness.’” The design of the campaign was to spur “a record number of gifts to Xavier” in a two-day window, March 10 – 12. “March Gladness” also involved emails to the student body asking for both student support in advertising the campaign on social media as well as financial gifts from students. The final tally showed that 587 people gave to March Gladness, including 45 students who gave to Xavier Athletics and more students who directed their gifts … Continue reading Xavier’s “March Gladness”