Changes come to Hoff

By: Erica Lampert ~Staff Writer~ their days at home, the Hoff Dining Hall was busy at work accommodating to students’ requests and suggestions for its improvement over winter break. Throughout the fall semester, Xavier Dining allowed students to input ideas and feedback through their website and comment cards to help create a better dining hall. “We love getting (student) feedback. It’d be my joy to get as much involvement on the website as with the comment cards,” Marketing Director Jennifer Paiotti said. Following student suggestions throughout the fall semester, Xavier Dining has implemented menu changes that it hopes will enhance … Continue reading Changes come to Hoff

Missed Opportunities: New Alter Hall design lacking

Everyone has seen it. Everyone has definitely heard it. Alter Hall is being renovated into an entirely new space on campus for students to work, learn and grow. Isn’t that exciting? Well, I’m challenging you to take a deeper look at this newly designed structure that “enhances” our campus community. I must start by commending the Alter Hall Renovation Team, InPosse and the Sustainability Advisory Group assigned to this project. Without all of their hard work, this building’s design and infrastructure would not be possible. There were three main accomplishments regarding the building’s sustainability: 1) pursuing a low-energy consumption target … Continue reading Missed Opportunities: New Alter Hall design lacking

Xavier to host sustainability lectures

By: Richard Meyer ~Copy Editor~ Xavier will be hosting a series of lectures on sustainability as a way to raise awareness on topics related to water. “Xavier University is becoming known as a major convener of sustainability discussions in Cincinnati, engaging issues and sponsoring speakers and panels utilizing expertise at the local, regional, national and global levels,” Nancy Bertaux, co-chair of Xavier’s Sustainability Committee, said. The lectures come as a part of the Sustainability Committee commitment to educating people on the injustice surrounding water. This year’s theme comes in the wake of several water disasters nationwide and abroad. “This academic … Continue reading Xavier to host sustainability lectures