Senseless killings must end

By: Kaelan Doolan ~Staff Writer~ Tamir Rice was killed at the hands of the Cleveland police almost two years ago. The pain in the Black community still remains. For those who don’t know the story, Tamir Rice was a 12-year-old Black boy living in Cleveland. On Nov. 22, 2014, Rice was shot and killed by police, after a caller reported that someone was carrying a gun. Countrywide outrage, primarily in the black community, sparked over the death of the young boy. However it seems that history has repeated itself. On Sept. 14, 13-year-old Tyree King was killed by police in … Continue reading Senseless killings must end

People, are you in ‘Formation?’ A praise for Queen Bey’s anthem for Black women

By: Narrean Marsden Beyoncé unapologetically defined herself and every bit of her Blackness with her surprise “Formation” video. All plans to be a productive student were cancelled as my phone rang with urgent links and messages of “YAASSSS, BEY BETTER GO!” I immediately knew that it was indeed a serious matter and required every ounce of my attention. I was surprised, excited and ready to get my life. Why were so many of us (Black people) excited? Why were we (Black people) holding on to our seats, you ask? Because lately, being Black – specifically a Black woman – has … Continue reading People, are you in ‘Formation?’ A praise for Queen Bey’s anthem for Black women

The myth of one America: lessons from Ferguson

One winter during middle school I went shopping with my mother. The reason I remember this shopping trip so vividly is this: while walking outside, I had a hood over my head because of the cold weather. I remember my mother quickly noticing my wardrobe before we entered the store and saying, “Don’t ever wear your hood up before you go into a store. I know you would never hurt a fly, but other people don’t and I never want to give anyone the opportunity to think negatively because of a hood on your head.” After that instance, I always … Continue reading The myth of one America: lessons from Ferguson