Xavier adds seven new classrooms

By: Andrew Koch

The Physical Plant and the Office of the Registrar have added seven new locations to the classroom inventory for fall semester.

Four of the new classrooms (labeled in the registry as “CIN 201” to “CIN 204”) are located in the former Hoff Dining Hall on the west side of Cintas Center. Two others (“ALU 3” and “ALU B13”) are in the Alumni Center on the south side of Dana Avenue between the Village Apartments and the Physical Plant. The seventh new classroom, “HAI 101,” is located on the first floor of Hailstones Hall.

“The decision to add new classroom locations was due to Alter Hall, Xavier’s main classroom building, going offline,” Assistant Registrar Michelle Vezina said in an email.

Vezina said that the Registrar was able to coordinate with other departments across campus to find temporary locations to hold classes during the spring semester, but that the Office of the Registrar and the Physical Plant needed to find more permanent locations to facilitate classes following Alter Hall’s closure this spring.

The process of finding additional locations to replace Alter’s over thirty classrooms included scouting a number of potential classrooms across campus.

“When looking at available spaces for additional classrooms, these were the most logical choices,” Robert Sheeran, vice president for facilities in the Physical Plant, said. “Our goal is to give a wide variety [of locations] across campus to students and faculty.”

According to Sheeran, some of the locations, like one of the Alumni Center locations and the new location in Hailstones Hall, are former classrooms that are being reopened or renovated.

The Physical Plant converted other locations, like those in Cintas Center, into classrooms as part of an ongoing restructuring plan.

Both the Physical Plant and the Registrar are confident that the new classroom locations will benefit both students and faculty.

“We look forward to the new additions and their enhancement to the student learning experience,” Vezina said.