Xavier budget sees more cuts

By: Taylor Fulkerson

Xavier first announced a budget crisis only last December, and the ax continued to fall on the university budget this summer. Further cuts erase student workers, staff and faculty privileges from Xavier’s suffering financial balance.

“The changing world of higher education requires a tighter alignment of all our resources with our mission, vision and strategy to secure the long-term health and vitality of Xavier University and the students we serve,” President Fr. Michael Graham, S.J. said in a letter to university employees on July 17.

“The Jesuit tradition has always sought to balance cura personalis with cura apostolica, the care and continuation of the work. It was in that balance that I made these difficult decisions.”

Student Workers

In order to cut back the budget, the library has cut $35,000 from the budget, eliminating overnight desk positions for student workers in the Conaton Learning Commons (CLC). The CLC will no longer remain open 24/5 as a result.

“Some students find that on-campus positions fit their schedules and career development well,” Dr. Scott Chadwick, provost and chief academic officer (CAO) said in an email. “However, many students, after their first year, find that going through Xavier University Career Development helps them find off-campus positions that are higher paying and more directly relevant to their career preparation.”

While the cuts certainly affect a select number of working students on campus, other student workers were unaffected.

The effect on the wider campus community, however, will be indisputable.

“For me personally, it will be a negative impact on my ability to study effectively,” Mary Baele, a senior nursing major, said.

“I, and I’m sure a lot of other students, have an unpredictable, busy schedule between school and working, and have found that the CLC is the perfect study environment for me to pull all-nighters when that needs to happen.”

Staff positions

As of July 29, Xavier cut 52 staff positions, and only 20 were vacant at the time.

Terminated positions include the executive director of veteran’s affairs (vacant), the registrar (vacant), the director of recreational and intramural sports, the director of financial aid and the scholarship director of financial aid.

Chadwick noted that “the position freezes that are in place will remain in effect through this fiscal year.”

Faculty Travel Budget

The Faculty Travel Budget, the fund that professors rely on for advancement through conferences and other academic workshops, has also taken a hit. According to Chadwick, the faculty development budget was cut altogether. With reallocations, it is returning in a reduced form.

“The provost and CAO, Dr. Scott Chadwick, is working with the three college deans to reallocate funding for faculty travel,” Dr. Janice Walker, dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, said in an email on Monday afternoon.

“I cannot say at this time how much of the budget will be restored. We are planning to meet to address this matter as soon as our schedules allow.”