Major Xavier offices move locations in GSC: SGA, Office of Student Involvement and others change offices due to new additions to campus

By: Meredith Francis

With the addition of the Office of the Title IX Coordinator and the restructured Multicultural, Gender and Women’s Center, several offices located in the Gallagher Student Center (GSC) changed locations over the summer. These new additions to Xavier brought about a chain reaction of changes mostly concentrated on the second floor of GSC.

The newly restructured Multicultural, Gender and Women’s Center, which combined the Office of Multicultural Affairs and the Women’s Center, gained a new office and is now in GSC 200. The office space used to belong to the Center for Multicultural Affairs, as well as the Office of Student Involvement.

“We wanted this (office) to be in a central location to provide maximum visibility and access for all students, which means Gallagher was our ideal choice. We are thrilled to be able to create space on the second floor of GSC and appreciate the flexibility of all the staff and students involved in making this happen,” Dave Johnson, associate provost, said. “Each of the offices that moved is in the process of determining their hours of operation and how students will engage with the space.”

Additionally, Xavier’s new Office of the Title IX Coordinator moved into the GSC 332, which formerly served as the office for the Xavier Newswire. Kate Lawson, who is the new Title IX Coordinator, fills this new position that serves to support any students that might face sex or gender discrimination. The Newswire is now located in GSC 250.

The Student Government Association (SGA) office used to share significant office space with the Student Activities Council (SAC).

However, because SGA and SAC are now considered separate student organizations, SAC will now share GSC 210 with the Office of Student Involvement. The SGA office is still located on the second floor, but moved around the hall to GSC 270. The ALL Card Center, which was formerly located in GSC 270, is now located in the Musketeer Mezzanine in Fenwick Place.

“SGA is just glad the moving is over and I’m glad we have time to finally get settled in the new office. Moving is never fun, but this new office provides interesting opportunities for the organization,” Drew Dziedzic, SGA president, said of the move.

For further information about the offices of Xavier’s various student organizations located in the GSC, look for the building directory tab at