Club Sports Profile: Xavier University Bass Fishing Team

By: Gina Carfagno

The Xavier University Bass Fishing Team is one of Xavier’s fastest-growing club sports. Founded in 2010 by recent graduates Tyler Styons and Ian Goddard, the team has grown to the point that for the past two years it has had members qualify for the Forrest L. Wood (FLW) College Regional Invitational.

The FLW Invitational is only open to teams who have competed against 50 teams and ranked among the top 15 in qualifying tournaments. Xavier’s team has competed in 10 of the FLW College tournaments since its founding. There are three qualifiers per year, in April, June and July.

Every year the team hosts tournaments within the club at Hamilton County parks, practices casting and bait movement in the O’Connor swimming pool, has educational classes on fishing and discusses technique.

The team hopes to send more than one boat to regionals this year as well as help each other accomplish personal goals in whatever tournaments each member decides to participate.

Bass Fishing Team President Andrew DeCilles will be competing in a post-seasonal FLW Regional Invitational, a two-day elimination tournament on Sept. 14 and 15 on the Upper Chesapeake Bay.

“This is definitely a building year for us, not a rebuilding year, but a year when we will take the momentum that we already have and intentionally focus it toward our new members to ensure the long-term competitive success and health of the club,” DeCilles said.

The team has two advisors, Dr. David Tobergte, the academic advisor, and James Alexander, the club sports advisor. The team welcomes any and all interested in how-to-fish tournaments, no experience necessary.

Meetings are scheduled for Thursday nights with actual fishing time on Saturday mornings, but these times are subject to change.

“We are delighted to share our passion with people who want to learn,” DeCilles said.

To get involved, email Presdent DeCilles, Vice President Austin Glascoe, Secretary Alex Vaisvil or Treasure Ross Karaman, or visit their website at