“MGMT” fails to meet expectations

By: Kyle Grim

MGMT’s selftitled third album is unlike anything that they have ever done. However, it does not bode well for the band.

The album is even more difficult to get through than its previous one, and even the band itself said it was something that it probably would not listen to.

After two different yet unique albums, “MGMT” is a disappointment.

Much of the album seems like a bunch of textures instead of actual songs. This is especially noticeable throughout the second half of the album, with only “Plenty of Girls in the Sea” possessing anything that resembles a song structure.

Songs such as “A Good Sadness,” “I Love You Too, Death” and “Astro-Mancy” are buried in looping synthesizers, chords and sound effects.

Lead vocalist Andrew VanWyngarden’s voice often gets lost in the mix, which is a shame because he possesses great singing ability.

There are a few hidden gems in this album.

“Your Life is a Lie,” “Introspection” and “Mystery Disease” feature layers of textures over a distinct melody, and use a synthesizer to give the album variety.

“MGMT” could have been great. If the duo would have spent more time fleshing out the songs rather than just seeing how chaotic they could make them, the album would have been much better.

“MGMT” is the sound of a band that is lost and cannot decide on its identity.

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