Xavier’s Associate Provost of Diversity and Equity resigns

By: Tatum Hunter

Xavier’s Associate Provost of Diversity and Equity, Cheryl Nuñez, has resigned.

“Cheryl made a variety of strong contributions during her time at Xavier, and we look forward to building on them in our future diversity and inclusion efforts as we create a comprehensive agenda for that work across the university,” President, Fr. Michael Graham, S.J., said.

The Associate Provost of Student Affairs, David Johnson and the Administrative Assistant for the Office of Diversity and Equity, Eileen Corder declined to comment on the reason for Nuñez’s recent resignation and the events surrounding and associated with it.

Johnson offered some information concerning the future of the Office of Diversity and Equity. The office will remain an integral part of Xavier’s diversity and inclusion efforts. The university plans to hire a new administrator to head the office in the early spring.

This decision will come after the Diversity Cross-Functional Team, which consists of 24 faculty, staff, students and administrators, presents a proposal for furthering and improving diversity at Xavier to a group of faculty, staff and students who will give feedback on the proposal.

The team began meeting this August with the goal of reconsidering Xavier’s approach to diversity and inclusion and generating new ideas and initiatives.

The process for hiring a new director for the Office of Diversity and Equity will begin after Xavier’s campus community discusses these ideas and initiatives and when the two become more solidified.

Johnson said that the goal of the Diversity Cross-Functional Team is to build upon the work the Office of Diversity and Equity has already done.

“Cheryl was deeply committed to her work and a great asset to the Xavier community. She worked tirelessly with faculty, staff and students to help us live out our commitments to diversity and inclusion,” Johnson said.

Faculty and students gathered in Hinkle Hall on Nov. 1 to say farewell to Nuñez and celebrate her time at Xavier.