You can do more than you think you can The benefits of taking on challenges – on purpose

By: Tatum Hunter ~Outgoing Editor-in-Chief~ As a few of my Newswire peers have acknowledged, it’s difficult to write these senior-goodbye editorials without getting painfully nostalgic or dishing out condescending advice to underclassmen. While I’m not one for nostalgia, I am totally one for condescension, so I’ve decided to go with the second option. As a college newspaper, the Newswire runs a lot of editorials about dealing with busy schedules and stress. These usually advise students to cut themselves a break — take a step back, make more free time, get drunk, that math test doesn’t really matter in the grand scheme … Continue reading You can do more than you think you can The benefits of taking on challenges – on purpose

Xavier bans offensive terms

By: Tatum Hunter ~Moldy Pancake~ The Xavier administration is ramping up its efforts to eliminate offensive language on campus and find more respectful alternatives. This project began a few years ago with the university’s official condemnation of one of the most offensive terms in contemporary parlance: freshman. “Calling someone a ‘freshman’ is extremely discriminatory,” said Sarah Rogers, director of Xavier’s Committee for the Ignoring of Actual Problems (CIAP). “This term implies that a student was a high school senior last year and will be a college sophomore next year. How would you like it if someone said that about you?” The … Continue reading Xavier bans offensive terms

Basketball players: ‘We won’t walk’

By: Tatum Hunter ~Newswire’s Kim Jong-un The athletics department is seeking volunteers to help student athletes make their way around campus. Ever since the athletes were introduced to Swagways, they have steadily lost interest in walking, sources say. What began as a casual aversion to walking has turned into a staunch refusal to travel in any manner that involves repeatedly placing one foot in front of the other. “I use all my energy playing basketball, I don’t have any left over for walking,” senior center John Close said. “If we waste energy walking, then our performance will suffer. And I … Continue reading Basketball players: ‘We won’t walk’